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International Holistic Ministry

Welcome to the IHM!
Your Holistic Ministry
The International Holistic Ministry is an association of like minded people who share a fundamental belief in a metaphysical and spiritual Universal concept - Learn More. At this time in our history, our vision of compassion, equality and connectedness is an essential element in the spiritual evolution of Humankind. 


The fact that you are reading this means that you are probably one of the growing number of people searching for fulfilment, passion and purpose - the very things that we want to share with you. Every member of IHM has been on that journey and found a home in this small and growing Ministry.

We live in an ever changing world where more and more people, like you, believe that we now need to focus on a spiritual and metaphysical understanding to cope with a world heavily influenced by materialism, individuality and ego. Find your  fulfilment, passion and purpose by joining us, supporting our Ministry and perhaps working with one of our Ministers.

Founded by the late Dr James Grant in 2002, Ministers within IHM are not bound by dogma, ritual or religiosity. We share a basic common desire to make this world a better place to live in. We hope to make each day and each person we meet special. And we do this by focusing on the principles of IHM - Learn More

Too many people hesitate before making that first, life changing, step, a very simple step, join us, support us and work with us today.

What's New?

The IHM website will be undergoing a new redesign in 2021! Please bear with us as we make much-needed updates - and add new features for our ministerial members in the coming year. 


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